False Balance, NPR Ethics and the Press Crush on Paul Ryan — from FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Media) VIDEO

FAIR TV: False Balance, NPR Ethics and the Press Crush on Paul Ryan — while we are informing each other, this is the pablum crap being fed by the Corporatist Cartel Chinese Communist Capitalist-controlled Media Cartel is telling the American People. We need to stop preaching to the choir and talk about this stuff all day with friends and stranger, in class, at church, at the all night tupperware party, you name it.

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"Thom Prentice? Well, he planted a lot of trees." Rogue thinker. Urban Hermit. We are a part OF Nature — not apart FROM Nature. Lennonist. Poet and Naturalist. Existentialist. Rishi. Living life of the mind and spirit. Journo. Longtime Global Warming alarmist. "Capitalism REQUIRES slavery." thom prentice [at] (g) male dot com..."always musing on the decline and fall of everything, a perfect Greek chorus of one' (stolen from Louis Proyect). *****Knowledge, learning, thinking and critical thinking pusher. Philosophe. Seeker. Searcher. Gentle Spirit. Likes to drive with the windows down and sunroof open. Mindfulness. Diogenes looking for an open-minded person in American civilization. Déclassé Intellectual. Avec sans culottes. Urban Anchorite. Wakefulness. Longtime Global Capitalism-Ain't Working alarmist. *****“The role of public intellectuals is to question accepted dogmas, conceive of new methods of analysis, and expand the terms of public debate.” (The New Yorker). Like Thomas Piketty, when I start reading and thinking, collecting data, evidence and making observations, I have no idea where it will go. Historical Conceptualist, Not Minute Detailist (Francois Furet). A Texas Public Intellectual: Public Intellecty'all. *****Time to get out of the restless amnesia of the news cycle which distracts us from the REAL PROBLEM: Wall Street Neoliberal Capitalism & Austerity. [“No Bishop, No King”: King James I] Anti-fascist. Egalitarian. Democracy first, last and always. “Afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted” in a civilization “which comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted.”***** Undermining assumptions. Photographer. Controversialist. Dissenter. “Democracy should rule capitalism but capitalism should NEVER rule democracy.”*****It is time to talk about a socialist alternative. Glasnost, Perestroika, Democratizya. Zapatista. Socialista.” POLITICAL democracy is USELESS without ECONOMIC democracy.” Capitalism is in catastrophic failure as we speak. “The Luddites were right because they were only about managing and controlling their own workplace and production, not some outside, agitating profiteering capitalists”. Democracy should rule capitalism but capitalism should NEVER rule democracy. Democracy should rule capitalism but capitalism should NEVER rule democracy. CounterNarratives and CounterForces. Pushback. Resistance. Contrarian. *****Controversialist. “Asker of awkward and inconvenient questions.” “A privileged citizen of a predatory imperial nation-state within a pathological capitalist economic system.” (Direct steal from Dr. Robert Jensen, UT-Austin) "I think it is primarily getting TRUTH into discussion" -- stolen from my friend Chuck. Dog person. “The more we learn about animals, the more we learned about ourselves.” WhiteGuy, Symbologist [DaVinci Code]. Deconstructioneer, Scribbler, Scrivener, Authentic Journalist, Lifelong Learner*****14 year cancer fighter/survivor (it keeps coming back). WhistleBlower from the ground up. Speaking Truth. “Without Economic Democracy, political democracy is useless and worthless and even deranged.” Evidence is everywhere indicating the looming apocalypses. Failed parallel parking. Post-partisan and post-ideological. People First. Democracy First. TURN OFF THE TV NEWS! INDEED TURN OFF THE TV!

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